Irakli Gagua

Irakli Gagua, the founder and CEO of IT Gagua is an expert in the industry and loves, loves, loves technology. He has built several companies internationally and is always looking for and getting the edge for his clients. Creating systems and solutions for his clients has always been a passion and power path to success. In the past 5 years Irakli Gagua has expanded the IT/Communications part of the business and has successfully become a leading boutique IT consulting in the Los Angeles Area. To this day, he enjoys interacting with business owners, especially figuring out how technology can increase company’s productivity and eventually sales.


Anush Gagua

Anush Gagua,  a certified Success Coach, and a former LA PR executive of a multimillion dollar investment company Ameria Group, is in charge of making sure IT Gagua clients get outstanding value and experience when working with the company.  With an MA in Communications and a professional development experience, Anush Gagua  works with IT Gagua Clients to help them become aware what needs to be maximized to take their business to the next level, and how a shift in technology and mindset can result in growth and productivity for sustainable success.


Rubo Aris

Rubo Aris has joined IT Gagua as its Chief Technology Officer in 2015. With 19 years of experience in IT industry  and devotion to problem solving, Aris  is a hands-on IT expert that clients like to work with.  Aris is a certified Intel Technology Expert in the field of hardware, consumer products, solid state drives and networking products. Aris is committed to innovative technology and constant improvement.  He brings the best to IT GAGUA clients from the world’s top conferences in the IT industry, such as the annual Intel Technology Conference and the Microsoft Conference for IT Network and security. He never goes anywhere without his special security detection glasses.


Narina Arushanova

With a BA in psychology and a marketing background, Narina dove into the world of entrepreneurship in 2007 after having worked at a top PR Marketing Firm for four years. Her career began in San Francisco Bay Area where she learned the ins and outs of digital marketing, content development, email automation campaigns, social media marketing and other approaches to help business owners succeed. Today, she combines her knowledge of marketing and psychology to help IT GAGUA clients achieve their marketing objectives and business success.