Magento With PHP 7

Magento is a powerful and popular PHP based Ecommerce solution. As Magento developers, we need to search new ways for improvements of Magento stores as well as possibilities to make every version of Magento compatible with new solutions.

Along with Magento upgrades, PHP versions also get updated periodically. Currently, version 7 is the latest PHP iteration. There are many reasons to switch to the latest version of PHP but the most inspiring of them is that PHP 7 is 2X faster. Configure PHP 7 with your Magento store and I share some performance benchmarks of Magento on PHP 7.

Comments (2)

  • Do not comment on Magento 1, but Magento 2 did have some problems with class names such as “String”. It did not take long to fix, but it did not work out of the box. I expect Magento 2 to be fixed, but it may not be fixed yet due to other priorities in the first place.

    • I tried to run pure Magento with PHP 7 RC1, which led to an instant failure (fatal error) of Magento. After fixing this problem, everything worked, except for the backend, which I could not enter. This later turned out to be a session-related issue that could be fixed.

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