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Network Security

Discover how much energy you can save with a proper network installation. Plus, prevent human error, hardware issues and protect your company from phishing scams, viruses and many other online threats. Easily prevent access to harmful websites. We’ll do the hard work, so your information is protected!

Virtual Computing

What if you could have one computer act as multiple computers? This means more power, more storage, more control, and it’s much more affordable! For example, if you need more space, you don’t have to buy a new physical piece of hardware, because more space is just a click away. Plus, it saves more energy and it’s an easy migration if your computer is damaged.

Office Communication

Imagine a straightforward approach where your client’s question is answered/directed quickly and effortlessly through an automated phone and email system. Also, our video/camera system is so smart, intruders will have a very hard time obstructing it. All of the information is always saved.

Cloud Computing

Similar to Virtual Computing, except your information will not be stored in a physical box. Instead, it will be stored on the cloud and you can maintain most (if not all) of your information on the cloud. Effortlessly reduce the number of servers, software cost and other IT cost in your business.

Computer Maintenance

Everyone always thinks it may not happen to them, but losing precious data can cost you thousands of dollars and precious time. Secure your information once and for all and have access to your computer from anywhere, anytime! We will help to ensure your computers are up to date and are running smoothly.

Website Development

A website is only useful when it’s set up properly and maintained in the most optimum way possible. With this service, expect the most up-to-date analytics, know what’s working and where you need to focus your efforts in your business. Knowledge is power!

Watch Out for These Attack Techniques

We can help you prevent most of these attacks as we take care of your system
  • Unknown 25.3%
  • SQLi 19%
  • Defacement 15.2%
  • Targeted Attack 12.7%
  • DDoS 10.1%
  • Account Hijacking 8.9%
  • Malvertising 5.1%
  • PoS Malware 1.8%
  • Firmware Swap 1%

IT Gagua is a leading IT security consulting company with over 20 years of experience in IT security.

Everyday, we strive to protect our clients’ system security and data to ensure flawless workflow. We know that your information is crucial to your business, which is why we always stay on top of the latest and the most dangerous threats that could interfere with your business. For example, losing data due to an unsecured network can cost you thousands of dollars! We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

Below are just some of the ways we can help you.

  • Data protection

  • Risk management

  • Incident planning & response

  • Threat intelligence

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Top Reasons to Choose Us

Our expert IT security consultants will analyze your business environment and make custom procedures and measures for mitigating IT threats and vulnerabilities.

With smart IT security design and implementation you are able to address potential threats and secure your most valuable IT assets and thus reduce it’s impact.

You take care of your business, we will take care of your IT Security. Increase your efficiency by investing in IT Gagua’s security solutions.

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