New style of security from Cisco

Cisco chief security lead David Goeckeler considers the networking giant to be the largest enterprise security vendor. Goeckeler, senior vice president and GM of Cisco’s security business group, has developed a strategy where security will be everywhere Cisco operates.

Faster Websites Joomla 3.5

New version of Joomla released, its open source web content management system today that company officials claim will improve user experience for both developers and administrators.

Untangle NG Firewall Version 12

Untangle announced the release of version 12 of its award-winning NG Firewall software at the RSA Conference 2016. Untangle NG Firewall version 12 is the evolution of the network security platform designed specifically for the needs of small-to-medium businesses, schools, nonprofits and government agencies.

Virtualbox 5.0.16 Is Now Available to Download

Virtualbox 5.0.16 Is Now Available to Download With a new Ubuntu release looming now is a great time to check out the release in a virtual machine. And the best virtual machine client for Linux is, arguably, the hugely popular Oracle’s Virtualbox.

PHP 7 hosting

PHP 7 hosting is expected to deliver better performance than its predecessors: it can process twice as many requests per second with lower server memory usage than previous versions. said Kaumil Patel, Chief Operating Officer. “GreenGeeks clients who are already on PHP 5.6 will automatically upgrade to PHP 7,” he added.